Are the stairs the only way for wedding party members to get down to the Waverly on Wairoa?

No, they are an obvious way for the agile members of the wedding party access to the Waverly Room, but if there are elderly members that may find it too difficult, we offer a FREE transport shuttle from the carpark red gazebo to the Waverly on Wairoa, and back to your vehicles on departure.

There are lots of people in the park and we were hoping for a private location. How does it work?

Yes, Waimarino Adventure Park is and will be open on the day of your event(unless you choose to pay for park closure). Our standard park closing time to the public is at 6pm, but most guests in the park start departing from mid-afternoon. The Waverly on Wairoa is elevated above the park. Our park patrons use separate toilet facilities from our Waverly on Wairoa guests.

Is there enough car parking?

The carpark at 36 Taniwha Place is our main carpark, however, there is ample parking for many more vehicles on the road side.

Who is Waimarino’s caterer?

Waimarino does not provide caterering services however we are happy to recommend some great professional caterers in the Tauranga region.

Can we use other caterers?

Yes, but they must be licensed professional caterers to use our kitchen facilities.

Can we do our own catering?

No, due to health and safety regulations we only allow currently licensed professional caterers.

Are we allowed to smoke at Waimarino?

Waimarino is a smokefree facility, but due to your event being a private function we will provide a secluded outside area for use after 6pm.