Will I get wet and cold on the Glow worm tour?

Waimarino prides itself on using top of the line gear, keeping you warm, comfortable and dry creating the perfect environment for clients of all abilities.

How long are the team building programs and kayak tours?

We can customise timings to fit your team’s specific needs and outcomes, our standard timings for our team building programs and kayak tours run for approximately 3hours.

How long will I spend in the water at Waimarino on a 3D program?

As little or as long as you’d like. Most of our activities are dry but bring your togs just in case.

Do your team building days only take place at Waimarino?

No, we can adjust some programmes to suit you, however our most popular challenges take place at Waimarino.

My work-force need to come together a little more at work – are you able to help with this?

Yes, our Team building challenges are used to create new bonds between your staff or colleagues, this can be achieved by selecting small group sizes so everyone gets a say in the team. Another way is by giving extra points for encouragement amongst team members during the day. Again this can be discussed when deciding which activity suits you.

Is there enough car parking?

The car park at 36 Taniwha Place is our main carpark; however, there is ample parking for many more vehicles on the road-side.