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Four Reasons to Hire Waverly on Wairoa for Your Business Conference

Business trends often change, but one element remains constant; people need to meet and when they do, there is no better place than the conference rooms at Waverly on Wairoa, in Tauranga. 

Renting conference rooms are an excellent way for new businesses and start-ups to gather in a more private and professional place, than perhaps a coffee shop, library or someone's home. Established businesses will find conference rooms act as an environment free from distraction, with the privacy to share and innovate.

Conference Rooms Enable You to Focus

Getting away from the busy and loud office, to a quiet conference room like Waverly on Wairoa in Tauranga offers respite. All attendees can concentrate without interruptions or distractions. Taking a team out of their normal work environment is an opportunity to prioritise those employees. Conversations are heard, ideas are shared and real listening happens.

Conference Rooms are Think Tanks

Equipped for productivity, conference rooms bring people together with a common goal in mind. There is a palpable excitable energy when you bring people together to brainstorm. Conference rooms enable people to feel part of a team, where innovation is crucial to success, providing an environment where problems are solved and decisions are made. 

Conference Rooms Enable Training Success

Gathering people with the intention to learn something new and important, is the classic classroom environment. Corporate trainers, HR professionals, leaders in industry will agree that a conference room provides a dedicated space to share information, show media and provide refreshments that culminate in a true learning experience.

Conference Rooms Create Confidential Collaboration

Our Tauranga conference rooms are the perfect place to discuss confidential and sensitive matters from new product launches, a change in direction of business, or classified information. Behind those closed conference room doors, conversations stay private. Take the time to physically unite your team offsite, this creates a collaboration station that fosters positive working relationships.

Located just 10 minutes from Tauranga city centre, Waverly on Wairoa is the best place to host your next business conference. Set in a natural landscape, with views over the river, our conference rooms are large, versatile, with lots of natural light, offering space for up to 140 guests.


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